We are Endangered Speciez. The last seed bearers of the first generation bringing you the next level in live interactive broadcasting. We are todays manifestation of yesterdays freshness that inspires tomorrow.

Our Mission

Endangered Speciez TV is not your ordinary TV or radio station. We are independent, non-commercial, working-class news and entertainment for the general public. Based in Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles California (but streaming worldwide at endangeredspeciez.tv and available for viewing on the web via computer, tablet and smartphones), our mission is to provide a platform for people and ideas that lack free and open access to the broadcast media.

Endangered Speciez has always relied for funding on our dedicated listeners, either through our on-air pledge drives or the various events we host each year. But, like so many of the workers and families who depend on us for entertainment, news and information relevant to their lives, we, too, have been hit hard by today’s economy. We need your help.

For 5 years, Endangered Speciez has been untouched by the hand of commercial greed, leaving us free to broadcast progressive news, information and handpicked quality music. Unlike most non-commercial radio stations, we are not owned by a college, church, or library. Instead, we are a small business governed by volunteers who reflect the communities we serve. There are only two potentially paid staffers (who also have been working as voulenteers to this point), and all of our programs are produced and hosted by volunteers.

We are fortunate to be able to broadcast via livestream. But that too has a cost. Our annual expenses have easily grown to unsustainable numbers as we continue working hard to provide the best services posible to the public. Our goal is to aquire two physical locations (One in Atlanta and the other in Los Angeles) for producers do producde and broadcast their programs from. Voulenteers are currently broadcasting using their own personal equipment and internet access from their homes or other personal locations. We would like to provide opportunities to use our studios and services free of charge to those who have something productive to present but have no other free and open access to the broadcast media.

That's why we're coming to you. It’s been a struggle to keep up with these expenses, and, as a result, we’ve accumulated some debt. We want to raise $50,000 to retire our debt and open more opportunities for the general public by offering our broadcasting studios to produce quality programing  world wide. This will help to stabilize the station’s operations so that we can focus on what’s really important: enhancing our on-air programming and offering more local events to better serve the needs of the community.

Endangered Speciez is one of the last unbought/unbossed public access outlet in the country. For that reason, our survival and growth are more important now than ever – and not just for Atlanta and Los Angeles. Free, independent broadcasting is the lifeline for everyday people everywhere. Please, help keep independent media alive. Donate to Endangered Speciez today!

Thanks for your donation